What Color is YOUR Hat?

In the world of SEO, there is very little "gray area". Search engine optimization strategies which emphasize quality, relevance and originality are typically considered ethical and "white hat". While these generally require more effort, skill and time to design, implement and maintain, they are also much more effective at driving traffic and improving conversion rates without getting penalized or even banned by search engines.

Alternatively, "black hat" strategies utilize tactics such as spun content creation, low quality paid links and manipulated HTML code to exploit search engines and increase rankings.

Don't Compromise; Strategize!

There are many differences between White Hat and Black Hat SEO and those dissimilarities are determining factors in the ultimate success or failure of a campaign. With Google and other major search engines now recognizing relevancy and quality as critical signals which impact rankings, it is essential for businesses to utilize SEO strategies which focus on these ethical methodologies.

Compromising your online marketing strategy is likely to result in severe penalties from the search engines and can even damage the reputation of your brand. Additionally, recent search engine algorithm updates such as Google's Panda and Penguin have de-indexed or even blocked thousands of sites which do not practice White Hat SEO.

Building the foundation of an effective Search Engine Optimization campaign begins with understanding and implementing these White Hat strategies and placing a strong and consistent focus on the quality of links and content rather than quantity.

Quality is Key

The true "dividing line" between White and Black Hat SEO is quality. Whereas Black Hat tactics involve building content and links to a quantitative rather than qualitative standard, White Hat SEO is all about creating a stronger link profile and more relevant, user-friendly content both on and off-site.

For all businesses and online marketers, maintaining an online marketing plan which utilizes proven White Hat initiatives is a must and quality is undoubtedly the definitive benchmark of all successful SEO campaigns.

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