The WebiMax Guide to Avoiding SEO Scams

Over the last decade, the Search Engine Optimization industry has grown significantly and has subsequently become one of the most widely known methods of online marketing. However, as the industry has expanded, so has the occurrence of low quality and Black Hat SEO.

In the past, companies which practice content spinning, unnatural link building, Negative SEO and other low quality strategies have not only resulted in penalization by search engines, but de-indexation and potential revenue losses, as well.

The following tips will help your business avoid these SEO scams and can protect your brand from a damaging SEO campaign.

Reputation Research

Many legitimate and reputable SEO firms will offer resources to prospective clients and partners regarding their company's history and previous performance. Case studies, client testimonials and reviews and references are all useful assets for business owners and marketers looking to partner with an online marketing agency. Conducting thorough research on a firm's reputation is a truly valuable investment for any business.

Understanding the Methods

There are countless methodologies and strategies surrounding SEO, but quality is the primary component to long-term success. SEO companies which engage in link farming or utilize spun content are often penalized by Google, Bing and other major search engines. Remember – quality should always take precedence over quantity!

Monitor Your Campaign

After beginning a campaign, it is important to frequently monitor its overall progression and search rankings. Some SEO companies offer monitoring and analytical tools to provide complete transparency throughout the campaign. These resources can help you understand the work that has been performed and the results that have been achieved. This ensures complete accountability between both the agency and the clients they serve.

By adhering to these simple guidelines, your business is poised to easily avoid SEO scams as well as understand the core fundamentals of White Hat SEO.

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