What is Negative SEO?

While Search Engine Optimization or SEO is quickly becoming a frequently-used term amongst business owners and marketers; Negative SEO is still relatively unknown and not understood by many within the industry. Although Negative SEO does share several distinct commonalities with its counterpart, the "negative" aspect involves drawing authority and more specifically, rankings, to negative rather than positive or neutral content on the Web.

By building greater page authority to these negative sites and their content, brands and individuals are able to adversely affect the reputation of the organizations or individuals they are targeting in the Negative SEO campaign.

Positive vs. Negative

The most substantial difference between Positive and Negative SEO is the type of content targeted. In a traditional SEO campaign, marketers work to drive relevant traffic to websites through on-site and off-site efforts. These efforts include such tasks as blogging, HTML code optimization and link building which are intended to help the site gain recognition as a relevant result for certain keywords or phrases. However, the negative aspect of SEO is designed to utilize these same strategies to drive traffic to pages such as negative blogs and review sites in order to damage a brand or individual's online reputation which can impact revenues or other fundamental elements of the site's success.

How to Combat Negative SEO

If your brand is the target of a Negative SEO initiative, it is important to counteract these measures by utilizing positive optimization methodologies.

Creating high quality, branded and relevant content is a must and utilizing social media profiles, blogs and other authoritative pages to distribute this original content will help to minimize or eradicate negative results within the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Defending Your Brand

Even if no current Negative SEO concerns exist for your site, it is important to monitor and protect your brand from future issues before they arise. Your name, your brand and your reputation are valuable assets and taking steps to defend these online is an essential component for long-term success.

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